Interviewed by author Tina Konstant

Tina Konstant

Tina Konstant

In 2012 I was honoured to be interviewed by my niece, Tina Konstant. Tina is a writer, who has published non-fiction books on speed-reading, information overload, change management and copywriting. She built her website to maintain her sanity (!) while working on her own first novel, and as a help for fellow writers-to-be. The interview gives a sampling of the services I offer. Here’s a snippet … read the rest at

1. How do bookshops choose what books they want?

Caroline: “Each bookshop has its own demographic and good managers know their readers and buy accordingly. For non-fiction titles, most bookshops will take an order 50/50 – half on firm purchase (even if they don’t sell a copy, they have to pay you) and half on sale-or-return (SOR). Fiction on the other hand is always purchased entirely on a SOR basis (so if they sell none, you’ll get them all back as per your agreed time limit). In most bookshops, books on SOR are kept for between three to six months. If they haven’t sold in that time, they’ll all be returned to the publisher who’ll usually pulp all fiction titles and keep the non-fiction in stock.”

2. How do books get a good location in the shop?        Read more… 


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