A ‘How To’ Book on Mastering Forgiveness

Nicolette Lodge authorCape Town born Nicolette Lodge is an intuitive and self-trained inspirational writer and speaker. She runs workshops and talks to empower others to triumph over fear, reclaim their power and live the life they deserve in health, happiness and love. Her intention is to grow FORGIVENESS into a global brand starting with small businesses and running workshops to take people through the process of FORGIVENESS. She believes that to remove unforgiveness from people is to give them health in body, mind and soul. She runs a successful blog with a growing local and international readership, and writes for the e-magazine www.Spice4Life.co.za which receives approximately 1 million hits per month.

This is her first book, inspired by her work with her clients over the past 13 years. I’m happy to be doing the bookshop sales and publicity for Forgiveness: your gift of love to yourself , launched on Sep 25th, 2013.

Mastering forgiveness is a vital component of our human experience. It is integral to living a life of balance and harmony. We know we need to forgive, Forgivness_Cover_300dpibut we don’t always know how. We try to forgive, and we say we have, but we continue to revisit our old stories and sour our present experience with negativity.

This book is a journey to your soul. You will be taken by the hand and led through the layers of misperception, lies and half-truths that are the barriers preventing you from letting go. Power and passion will return as you cut ties with the past, heal your hurts, and finally forgive and walk free.


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