Launching The Happy Science Group in South Africa

In April 2013, I arranged a press lunch to launch The Happy Science Group (from Japan) in South Africa, and to promote two of their locally printed titles, Invincible Thinking and An Unshakable Mind. Both titles were launched in South Africa for the very first time.

The Happy Science Group press lunch 30 April 2013 – Wakame Restaurant, Green Point, Cape Town

The Happy Science Group press lunch 30 April 2013 – Wakame Restaurant, Green Point, Cape Town

Here I am with George Noguchi Senior Manager of IRH Press Co., Ltd, Brian Rycroft Regional Director of Happy Science Africa, Gentaro Hatakeyama Vice President of IRH Press Co., Ltd and Vanessa Wilson Quickfox Publishing (SA publisher of Invincible Thinking and An Unshakable Mind). 

Master Ryuho Okawa, the International best-selling author of “The Laws of the Sun”, renounced a promising career as a businessman to found Happy Science, one of the most influential spiritual movements in Japan with more than 10 million members worldwide, in 1986. He is the author of over 500 books and periodicals, including the international best-selling titles The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity, An Unshakable Mind and Love, Nurture, and Forgive.

Life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Happy Science Cover - Invincible ThinkingInvincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through this rock. When we practice this way of thinking, we will never feel defeat in our lives. Invincible Thinking is based on practical theories and it bridges the ideas of self-reflection and progress. By reading, savouring and practising the philosophy in this book, and using it as your own power, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat – only success.

This book, written in an easy-to-understand way, gives us clues about how to succeed in life. Since it was first published in 1989, it has sold in excess of two million copies in Japan, and has become a favourite among leaders in every field, including politicians and corporate managers. It has also appeared in translation, allowing readers throughout the world to appreciate its ideas.

Happy Science Cover - An Unshakable MindMany of us find ourselves unable to deal with the problems that life throws at us. Whether it is professional or personal disappointment, unexpected tragedies or long-lasting difficulties, too often we feel overwhelmed. According to spiritual teacher Ryuho Okawa, the way to deal with these situations is with an unshakable mind.

 The purpose of this book is to explain how to achieve spiritual growth, based on an understanding of the spirit world. In this book, he describes ways to build inner confidence and achieve spiritual growth, adopting a spiritual perspective as the basis. With a willingness to learn from everything that life presents you, good or bad, any difficulty can be transformed into nourishment for the soul


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