Marketing for Self-Published Authors

This is a comment I made on the LinkedIn Book Publicity and Marketing Group:

I specialize in publicity for self-published South African authors and we get excellent support from the local media (newspapers, magazines, TV and especially radio).

Publishers usually look at the bottom line expecting a minimum return and are often reluctant to take risks. Self-publishing gives the author the opportunity of introducing fresh topics to readers.

The author must ensure his book is: crisply edited; exceptionally well proof-read; and professionally printed in a legible font. Failure in one or all these areas has given self-published books a bad name.

As far as getting the book into the market place, the author can either choose to go with Kalahari, Loot, Amazon, a dedicated website, etc. and/or get a distribution company, with sales reps, to get the book into bookshops.

Either way, the book needs media publicity otherwise it’s not likely to sell. A publicist with excellent media contacts is a necessary investment.

Going with a publisher is easier, cheaper and less stressful, but royalties are low. If you have the cash to self-publish and go about it the right way, you stand to make more money in the long run. But that’s the risk you take…


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