Sunil Shah’s “White Man’s Numbers”

Sunil Shah, author of White Man’s Numbers

Sunil Shah, author of White Man’s Numbers


I’d like to introduce you to one of “my” authors – Sunil Shah. On 9 November 2012 his book White Mans Numbers launched at the well-respected Cape Town independent bookshop The Book Lounge. It was a very successful event! The owner Mervyn Sloman engaged in relaxed conversation with Sunil, which I’m sure fuelled the excellent book sales during the author signing afterwards. Sunil was subsequently interviewed by Peter Ndoro on SABC TV2, Morning Live, on 20th November 2012. I distributed the press release for the book to all South African media (magazines, newspapers, radio and TV), which generated a lot of interest. On the Dot is doing the distribution and Xavier Nagel Agencies is in charge of bookshop sales in the Western Cape, Johannesburg and Durban.

White Mans Numbers has received excellent reviews – some excerpted below:

African Trader magazine. “Which brings us to Sunil Shah and his debut novel, White Man’s Numbers. Don’t let the fact that this book was selfpublished {sic} turn you off – it’s a thoroughly entertaining read in which the author goes to great lengths to educate his readers about the banking and financial systems that seem to control the world in which we live. He has woven a thoroughly believable tale of intrigue and suspense involving a group of characters you can imagine finding in a brokerage house or fund management firm located anywhere in the world. It’s highly entertaining and a light read – perfect for a bit of well-grounded escapism on a long flight across Africa or simply for relaxation in the evening after a day at the grindstone. In enriching the personae of his characters, author Shah explores the many confusing and contradictory issues facing South Africa today – from BEE to the love of sports, from crime and criminals to love and lovers. But he doesn’t get bogged down in it all, just enough to add a uniqueness to the story without complicating it irretrievably. This reviewer’s verdict on White Man’s Numbers is that it is a highly entertaining, lightweight read, highly recommended.”

Alec Hogg of Moneyweb: “Sunil shares inside knowledge of the money game by morphing his story into an imaginative fictional thriller. Very much in Geraint Anderson’s City Boy tradition…”

Diane Cassere, Cape Times, 30 November 2012: “It is always refreshing when a totally new genre of baddies is offered to literature, and in Sunil Shah’s first book we meet the corporate asset managers. Seldom have villains looked so good and presented themselves as well as Shah’s characters. The first chapter of White Mans Numbers is a stunner. It becomes a page turner instantly. Best of all, he promises us more of the same.”

Financial journalist Bruce Whitfield interviewed Sunil on The Money Show (26 November) and tweeted “Do yourself a favour and read Sunil Shah’s White Man’s numbers – self published tale about the life of a fund manager – financial thriller!”


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