“What a Long Walk!” Book Launch

Mofokeng coverIn November 2011 I arranged a Book Launch at Queen’s Hall, Parliament, for Jomo Nyambi’s “Mofokeng and Mokoena: What a Long Walk!”.

As Tenda Madima says in Sowetan Live “The book captures the real essence of miscarriage of justice so vividly in this rendition of a blow-by-blow exploration. Imagine being picked up by the security agencies in those days and your life gets ruined as you serve a life sentence that you do not deserve. It was just under 20 years later, on April 2 2011, that the two men were released mainly through the participation and facilitation of the select committee on petitions and members’ legislative proposals. This book is inspirational, motivational, eye-opening and a thought-provoking narration of experiences of Fusi and Tshokolo, who have exhibited unparalleled levels of optimism, endurance and truthfulness.” Read the full review.

Author Jomo Nyambi (left) at the book LaunchLong Walk author.

With Xavier Nagel of Xavier Nagel Agencies.    Long Walk with Xavier Nagel


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