Improving my Neighbourhood

Hampstead Park, Harfield Village

Hampstead Park, Harfield Village

Those who know me, know that I am very active in Friends of Harfield Parks (FOHP). We’re so proud that the parks are looking good and getting better, and they’ve become cleaner and safer as people with kids and dogs, nannies with children, and even teenagers (!) have been spending more and more time in them – because they’re mowed and tended and we pick up trash continuously.

Princes Park, Harfield Village

Princes Park, Harfield Village

Besides this general maintenance, landscape plans were drafted, reviewed, and quotes obtained for their implementation, new trees were planted, irrigation installed, graffitti (constantly!) addressed, flowerbeds replanted, new benches put in, equipment painted, dustbins, and a see-saw and round-about repaired. And that’s the tip of the iceberg!

In addition to 4 parks – Hampstead, Surrey, Princes and Purley – we take care of:

  • Kenilworth Station Parking Lot: Landscape plans have been done and will commence in the 1st half of 2014.The trees in pots were put in place. We need residents and businesses to adopt a pot and to water it twice a week in summer!
  • The Railway Garden: The planned avenue of trees from Kenilworth Station along 1st Avenue and Worcester Road, past Harfield Station and down to Surrey Park is now almost complete. These trees do need watering so please anyone who wants to help take a bucket of water and water a tree when you can. The rose creepers were magnificent this year and the gardens are all coming along nicely. We hope more residents and flats opposite the line will join in this greening so we can have gardens all the way down the line. Contact Gail if you are interested –

… and all over Harfield we see greening being done to pavements, and corners are being adopted by our wonderful ‘garden whisperers’!


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