Review of “Forgiveness …”

Nicolette Lodge’s Forgiveness – your gift of love to yourself was reviewed by Sasha Wyatt-Minter for All4Women as a Book of The Month.

This is one of the wisest and most real books I have read in years. Author Nicolette Lodge is self-deprecating, honest and willing to share the mistakes from her past that have given her the wisdom and insight to write this book. We’re all human and we all make mistakes – but we need to forgive ourselves – even before we forgive others.

Forgivness_Cover_300dpiIt’s the type of book that you want to stay up all night to finish. And don’t forget your highlighter – there are so many wisdoms and truths – and so much great advice you’ll want to highlight so you can return to passages again – and read them aloud to your friends and family.

“Many readers reveal that despite thorough explanations of what forgiveness is, self-help books fail to teach ‘HOW to forgive’. This book fills this crucial gap.

Biographical in nature, it’s a ‘how to’ book that uses real-life situations and examples of forgiveness in action. Well-written and easy-to-read, the book features case studies, a Q&A section, and step-by-step processes.”

Visit Nicolette’s website to learn more about her.

Order your paperback copy here

Order your kindle version here


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