Publicity for Authors

Review space in a newspaper, magazine or radio show is worth hundreds to thousands of Rands in advertising, depending on the space allocated to the review. To calculate the value of the exposure your book’s received, ask for the publication’s Rate Sheet – you’ll be amazed!

Important to note:

Media response is out of our control, but it’s a good indication of potential interest in the market place. Though we anticipate positive reviews, we cannot control the opinion of the reviewer nor force them to review the book once they’ve read it. They may decide it’s not to their taste or not for their target market.

Review and give-away copies are free to the media. We could have between 2 to 30 requests for review copies


(A)  R4,900.00  Email #1 Publicity Press Release sent to custom selected list of Media.
(B)  R   600.00   Packaging and Posting 10 x Review Copies to Media with a Tracking Number.
(C)  R   500.00   Email #2 Publicity Press Release to Media.
(D)  R   250.00  A list of Media who received the Press Release (no contact details).
(E)  R   500.00  Follow-up #1 with Media re: receipt of books, cover pictures, reviews and interviews.
(F)  R   400.00  Follow-up #2 with Media re: sending copies of reviews and interviews.

If you prefer, you can choose from the following options:

(A)  R4,900.00   BASIC OPTION – PRESS RELEASE to Select Media Only
( R950.00 for each additional book on a similar subject)

  • An electronic Press Release is emailed to a customized list of South African Media (magazines, newspapers, radio and TV);
  • Fulfill Media requests for Author interview / a review copy / give-away copies for readers, listeners / extracts / photo of Author / jpg of book cover;
  • Liaison between Media and Author regarding interview date and time; articles; extracts; etc.

Press Release comprises (info to be supplied by Author / Publisher):

  • Picture of the book cover.
  • Format information (binding, size, page extent, illustrations).
  • Brief synopsis of the book.
  • Photo of the Author (head-and-shoulders only, 300 DPI, approx 1MB).
  • Brief biography of the Author (in Author’s own words).

Press Release sent to approximately 200 specially selected South African Media in:

  • Print – Newspapers: daily, weekly, monthly, community, trade / Magazines: glossy, trade;
  • Radio – community, regional, national;
  • Television – national.


I encourage a few give-aways as the book is then featured twice in the publication/programme, which is free advertising for your book!

Jiffy Bag and Postage Charges:

  • Author can package and post books at their own expense to Media;
  • OR I can package and post for a once-off fee of R600 – see (B) below.

(B)  R600.00     PACKAGE and POST REVIEW COPIES to Media:
This flat fee is to package and post review copies. Author/Publisher to send me 10 copies of the book for media review purposes. Should more than 10 copies be requested by Media, the Author will mail the balance to Media.
NB: Review copies and Give-aways are free of charge to Media.

(C)  R500.00     SECOND EMAIL of Publicity Press Release to Media:
The same Press Release to be re-sent to Media. Often a second mailer gathers more interest.

(D)  R250.00     LIST OF MEDIA who received the Press Release:
Supply a list of Media to whom the Press Release was sent (no contact details).

(E)  R500.00     #1 FOLLOW-UP with Media:
To follow-up on Media activity: check that book was received; was the book of interest; if so, when is review scheduled; is interview required; ask for copies of reviews, etc.
Author to decide if one or two follow-ups are required.

(F)  R400.00   #2 FOLLOW-UP with Media:
Follow-up on Media activity: when is review scheduled; is interview required; ask for copies of reviews, etc.

Payment: To be made in full before work commences.

Let me take this vital function off your plate. Contact me!


One thought on “Publicity for Authors

  1. Hi Caroline I need your help urgently 🙂 My novel, Under the African Sun is published by cactusrain in the US and I’m happy with the publ house…but have nothing happening here in South Africa. Please would you take me on asap? I have done a little myself, so PTA News and Sentinel News did lovely articles. I’ve also organised a launch at Exclusives in Cavendish Square. (I am supplying the books for there) I am looking at your full publicity package as my option.
    I do hope you can take me on asap 🙂
    Warm regards
    Gail Gilbride Bohle

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